OURI International & Summer Programs Discover Research Panel - Shared screen with speaker view
Caroline Quenemoen (she/her)
Center for Civic Leadership also has several international research fellowships. They are hosting a showcase of their summer programs at 5:30 tonight, where you can learn about Wagoner, Loewenstern, and other funded opportunities: https://hopin.to/events/ccl-showcase-fall-2020. Also happy to share more
Caroline Quenemoen (she/her)
Please add your contact info if you would like to get more information from the panelists: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pHvCAbgmj1VIsWKOdyZQunxbdEP5Lx8sRJKKcr-ETyk/edit?userstoinvite=rel5@rice.edu&ts=5f6284c1&actionButton=1#gid=0
Dongming De Angelis
Here you can read more about the funding resources offered by the Study Abroad Office: https://abroad.rice.edu/apply/finances
Michelle Passo
If you have questions about how to search and prepare for research opportunities, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with a CCD team member via Handshake. Additionally, if you have questions about externships (job shadowing) or the summer experience fund, please contact me: mip2@rice.edu https://ccd.rice.edu/students/jobs-internships
Caroline Quenemoen (she/her)
I have to leave to host the HUMA panel! Nice seeing everyone and hope to see you at OURI and CCL!
Scott Pett (OISS)
Scott Pett (OISS): sap9@rice.edu