OURI Health & Medical Research Panel - Shared screen with speaker view
Shawn Fan
1. For someone starting out, what does the day to day experience of undergraduate research look like in your field? Where does it take place? Is there a mentor? Will the student primarily work alone or as part of a team?2. How should a student without any background/experience prepare? Are specific courses, skills required to get started in your field or is a good work ethic and desire to learn enough?3. Can a student get credit? Pay? Work study eligible?4. What are the benefits/skills that students will acquire from doing research?5. Why do you think research is an important part of academic development? How does it complement the classroom experience?6. Why do you think undergraduate research is a valuable experience for any future career?
Shawn Fan
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Cody Clayhold
Directed mostly to Dr. Wensel: what is your perspective on how open BCM as well as the rest of the TMC are to receiving undergraduate researchers at present, and do you think things will be opening up more anytime in the near future? Is it appropriate for students to reach out to labs right now, given the pandemic?
Dereth Phillips
BioSciences Opportunities Canvas (informational modules, mailing list of opportunities), enroll here:https://catalog.rice.edu/
Kirsten Ostherr
Health, Humanism and Society Scholars Program: https://humanities.rice.edu/medical-humanities/hhass-health-practicum
Kirsten Ostherr
Medical Humanities, OEDK, & Texas Children’s program: https://humanities.rice.edu/medical-humanities/texas-childrens-hospital-summer-program
Aaron Lin
Given that 3-4 month lead time between applying and actually starting research, if we were to apply to programs this semester, would we start next semester?
Theodore Wensel
Dereth Phillips
Biosciences will have a follow up session next week